For Buyers

The Auction Process Before the Sale
In preparation for the sale take a look at our website. Our goal is to list as much information as possible so that you the Buyer can be as informed as possible prior to attending the sale. 

Sale Day:

What to do when I arrive? 
Typically our Auction Team will be at the sale two hours before the start of the sale. We encourage you to come at this time to inspect and evaluate the real estate and personal property. The Auctioneer will provide as much information as possible. However, it is your duty to perform all due diligence that is needed. 

Auctions are fun, lively, community events. We welcome you in advance and hope that you have a pleasant experience. Come ready to bid!

How do I register to bid?
Before you may bid, you must register at the registration desk. To register, you need a valid ID with your correct address. The registration clerks will take your information and give you a bidder number. This is the number that identifies you to the auctioneer. Keep your number handy when bidding and have it ready to show the Auctioneer when he looks at you and calls "sold!" 

Take your bidder card home with you when you leave and let the clerk know right away if you lose your card because you are responsible for all sales posted to that number that day.

How do I bid?  
When the Auctioneer is selling real estate or personal property that you are interested in bidding on, just raise the bidder card, your hand or get the attention of the Auctioneer in some way. 

The Auctioneer will recognize your bid and then come back to you when it is your turn to bid again. When the Auctioneer looks at you all you have to do is nod yes or no to indicate if you would like to bid again or not. Don't be shy, auctions are fun, informal events. The best way to start bidding is with a loud YIP! 

Who are those folks helping the Auctioneer?
The Auctioneer has assistants called “Ringmen” who will be signaling bids. If the Ringman sees your bid, he will signal it to the Auctioneer. Remember, "think long think wrong." The Auctioneer moves fast, so bid quick!

Are the Ringmen or Auction Staff running up my bid?
No. Our staff work with us because they love auctions and love to buy at auctions. If one of our staff is bidding, it is no different than the person standing next to you bidding. They still pay for everything they bought at the end of the sale, just as you do. 

In what order will the real estate or personal property sell?
The Auctioneer will announce the order of the sale at the beginning of the auction. 

When do I take possession of my item? 
Once the Auctioneer says "sold" the item belongs to you. Small items will be handed to you and larger items will be tagged with your bidder number and loaded at a later time. However, if for some reason an item is lost or broken, it is still your responsibility to pay for the item.

Are there any guarantees on the real estate or personal property sold?
Everything is sold “As is, Where is”. The responsibility is on you as the Buyer to check the condition of real estate and personal property. We encourage you to come early to the auctions to check on the real estate or personal property in which you are interested. However, we do not place guarantees on any items sold.

How can I pay for the items I buy?
You can pay for your items by check, cash, Visa or Master Card. There is a 4% transaction fee for credit card charges. Except for real estate sales, you must pay for your items in full on the day of the sale. Real estate sales require a non-refundable down payment; check the real estate listing for exact terms.

What if I can’t come to the sale?
You can download our app or bid via our website before and on the day of the sale.

Will I get a title if I buy a car, trailer, boat, truck or other titled item?
Yes, you will get a title for any titled item. If you pay cash or credit card, we will give you your title the day of the sale. If you pay by check, we will send the title to you by registered mail. There is a $15 fee for sending titles by registered mail. If there are any problems related to the title, the Auctioneer will clearly state it before the sale of the item.

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